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Artist Statement:


"The visual excitement of a moment can only be captured with the passion of the artist's indulgence. A painting is a reflection of a moment in time and the interpretation of feeling. To make a statement or express a mood is always an objective in the artist's mind".


I have been training as an artist since childhood. I remember painting sailing ships on discarded window shades when I was a child. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Art. During my 40 year career, I have developed and refined my art and have learned how to bring art to life and capture the essence of nature’s beauty on canvas.

I was introduced to Watercolour at Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma in the 1970's. I had a mentor, Italian professor Michael Backi, who inspired the wet on wet technique, that I have now refined over many decades.

It has taken years of study and experience for me to gain precise and devout control of a very difficult medium. I have develop a very fluid individual style of painting that works for me. I paint directly on the canvas in a wet on wet technique that evolves into a finished loose painting without borders. This presents the raw magnitude and organic likeness of the natural landscape. I don't strive for photo-realism but retain the essence of the scene portraying the message and atmospheric presence.  

I have been inspired by the works of the great romantics, Turner and Constable where you get a sensation of being in each of their paintings. I try to express feeling and the majesty of the environment in my paintings that one, can not capture on film. To share one of my paintings is like sharing the experience of that special time and place. 

My later artistic ventures included 3-D animation for television commercials, corporate design for business and video production. Videos include: "The Beautiful Blue Mountains" a music and video odyssey of the National Heritage Blue Mountains of Australia, "and "Everglades at Leura" for the National Trust of NSW Australia. 


My work has also been published in  Artist Palette Magazine twice. My work has been shown in public and private galleries in both the United States and Australia as well as corporate and numerous private collections in different countries of the world.


Michael Piegdon Watercolourist and Visual Artist

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